Zoee Reid Artist Professional Artist and Illustrator
“Welcome  to Zoee Reid Christian Artist Web site I hope you will be pleased to view my work that is inspired by God”. Prices - Below are the estimated starting prices for art work

Greetings Cards

3D Handmade A5 size Cards supplied with a box envelope £5.50

Handmade Cards price range £3.50 - £4.50

Printed Cards £3.00

Book Markers

Bookmarker   £1.50

Glittery Bookmarker £2.50

Message Cards (business card size) £1.50

Prints of Paintings

A2 size high quality poster print £18.00

A3 size high quality poster print £10.00

A4 size high quality  poster print £5.00

A5 size high quality poster print £3.00

Paintings or Illustrations (Original) Starting prices

A0 size (approx) and larger size paintings, box canvas starting from £500

A1 size (approx) on paper £300 on box canvas £330

A2 size (approx) on paper £180 on box canvas £210

A3 size (approx) on paper £80 on box canvas £95

A4 size (approx) on paper £60 on box canvas £70

A5 size (approx) on paper £40 on box canvas £50

Graphic Design

Logo design - £50.00

Leaflet  design  - £50.00

Poster design - £60.00

DVD cover design - £60.00

Front Book cover - £70.00

Order of  Service - A5 size booklet  £10 per page plus cost of printing of multiple booklets. Printing service available on request with additional cost if needed or work is sent in a suitable format attached to email.

Illustrations (computer or by hand)- Starting prices

For a book: £80.00 per page in colour

Book Cover (front and back) in colour: £140.00

Editorial: £70 per image

2D Animation with sound: £50 per 5 seconds of  animation

2D short Animation’s without sound £45 per 5 seconds

Giclee Prints of Paintings

(Prices to be added soon)

Framing - Frames with mounts can be supplied at an additional cost and paintings will be framed for you.

Costs of frames for painting will vary depending on size or artwork

Wedding or Birthday

Handmade Table plaques £3 each

Handmade invitations from £2 each

Table Plan from £80.00

Order of Service booklet £10 per page, plus printing cost     

Place names from £0.20 - £0.50 each

Post Box from £40 each

Note - All Artwork, Paintings, Prints, Cards and Bookmarkers are produced and Copyrighted by ‘Zoee Reid Artist’.  

(Reproduction of Artwork without the Artist permission is prohibited by law)